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Anchorage Digital opens up DeFi voting for custody clients

Anchorage has joined other platforms like AAVE, Lido, and BitDAO in adopting the off-chain voting platform called Snapshot.

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Solana reveals low-cost NFTs with state compression

Blockchain giant Solana expresses the introduction of state compression a new feature that will significantly reduce the cost of NFT...

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Ethereum ‘re-staking’ protocol EigenLayer launches on testnet

Ethereum validators and speakers allow to re-stake their assets onto other emerging networks has just launched on Testnet. 

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Reddit deploys Gen 3 NFT avatar contracts on Polygon

Online discussion platform Reddit has deployed the third generation of its blockchain-based digital collectibles dubbed Reddit Avatars...

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Gnosis launched Hashi bridge aggregator to secure DeFi...

The developers of Gnosis Safe multi-sig and Gnosis Chain have launched a hash oracle aggregator for blockchain bridges. 

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Polygon Launches zkEVM Mainnet Beta, Will It Reduce Costs...

Polygon Labs express which is set to impact the Ethereum network has launched Polygon zero-knowledge proof Ethereum Virtual Machine...

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Coinbase Plans to Develop Inflation-pegged Stablecoin flatcoins

Cryptocurrency exchange giant Coinbase expresses plans to develop a new type of stablecoin called "flatcoins". Unlike other stablecoins...

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Ethereum Foundation doubled bug bounty to $500k for mainnet's...

With Ethereum’s much-anticipated Shapella upgrade coming closer, the Ethereum Foundation has increased the bug bounty for developers...

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Arbitrum tokens already trading in OTC market even before...

Crypto community is speculating the pricing for Arbitrum’s unreleased ARB tokens and has started dealing over the OTC market even...

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Polygon Labs and Immutable set to launch a new zkEVM to...

Polygon and Immutable join forces with zkEVM to take on gaming industry incumbents exploiting players.

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Arbitrum Launches Self-Executing DAO Governance Model That...

The Ethereum layer two L2 scaling solution Arbitrum has launched a native governance token called ARB and a self-executing decentralized...

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Binance NFT Announces Integration With Polygon Network...

Binance NFT marketplace, users will have the ability to purchase, deposit, withdraw, and list NFTs from the Polygon network.

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MATIC Faces Steep Decline as Polygon Bears Target $1 Mark

Matic price declined heavily below the $1.30 Polygon bears aim for $1 or lower.

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Ethereum Price Indicators Suggest High Chances of Upside...

Ethereum price indicates higher above the $1640 level. ETH surpasses $1660 and $1700 bullish momentum. 

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BNB Chain based DeFi Protocol LaunchZone loses $700,000...

BNB Chain-based DeFi protocol LaunchZone claims that the exploit led to $700,000 being drained from its liquidity pool.aa

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