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Tag : ETH Price analysis

Ethereum Price Indicators Suggest High Chances of Upside...

Ethereum price indicates higher above the $1640 level. ETH surpasses $1660 and $1700 bullish momentum. 

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Ethereum Hits Ten-Week Higher as The Bulls Aim $1,720

Ethereum prices are closing at $1600, ETH tapped its higher price since Nov 8 reaching $1,589 this morning. 

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Ethereum Price Bulls Hold Strong, Indicators Suggest Fresh...

Ethereum price boost defended the $1220 support level against the US Dollar. ETH is rising and may be a strong bullish wave above...

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Ethereum Price Holds Strong at $1,250: A Strengthening...

Ethereum spiked above the $1300 resistance zone against the US Dollar ETH is correcting gains but it remains supported near $1250...

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Ethereum Staking Withdrawals Enter Testnet Stage, Price...

The price of ETH has increased to over $1200 since it was announced. 

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XRP Price Holds Ground While BTC and ETH Slide, Here’s...

Ripple failed to clear at $0.40 XRP price and may start a boost if it stays above the $0.345 support level. 

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Ethereum Price Could Resume Uptrend If It Clears This Barrier

Ethereum remained at a good position above the $1550 line. ETH could start a fresh increase if it clears the $1625 resistance zone. 

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Ethereum Price Recovery Could Soon Fade If ETH Fails To...

Ethereum is moving down below $1300 against the US Dollar ETH remains at risk of a major decline if it stays below $1400. 

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Ethereum Price Plunge To $1,150 On The Horizon As Bulls...

Ethereum declined below $1300. ETH is showing signs and there is a risk of more losses towards $1200 or even $1150. 

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Ethereum Price Momentum Above $1,320: Here’s Why Bulls...

Ethereum started a consolidation phase above the $1300 level against me US dollar, ETH could start a fresh increase if there is a...

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Ethereum Avoids a Major Downtrend, Bulls Eye Crucial Breakout

Ethereum started an upside correction above $1250 ETH and maybe gain bullish momentum if it clears the $1,400 resistance zone. 

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Report Shows Ethereum Might Take Another Hit, Is It Possible?

Ethereum price movement for Ether was progressive from the starting of the second year, ETH gradually surged over the $1800 level...

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Ethereum Bullish Despite Recent Chop; What Could Propel...

Ethereum is combining above $1,550 against the US Dollar. ETH could rally if there is a clear move over the $1,620 opposition zone.

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ETH even declined below $1,500 and now any recovery could...

Ethereum Dives Below $1,500, Why Recovery Could Be Capped

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Ethereum Key Indicators Suggest Strengthening Case For...

Ethereum had the option to clear the $1,650 opposition against the US Dollar. ETH could rise further towards $1,800 assuming that...

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