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Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade Now Deployed On Goerli Testnet

The Ethereum Shanghai upgrade is complete and soon to reality as developers express that the Ethereum hard fork is undergoing testing...

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Ethereum Validator Count Surpasses 500,000 Ahead of Upcoming...

Ethereum network validators on the Beacon chain exceeded 5,00,000 as of Jan 12, 2023. the validator milestone comes as Ethereum core...

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Coinbase Joins Ethereum Foundation, Optimism To Improve...

Coinbase expressed that it is working with the Ethereum foundation and Optimism's aim to accelerate the EIP-4844 upgrade. 

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Ethereum will outpace Visa with zkEVM Rollups

zKEVM Rollups a new scaling solution for Ethereum, will allow the smart contract protocol to outpace Visa in terms of transaction...

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Ethereum's Ropsten Testnet to 'Merge' Next Month in Preparation...

Ethereum (ETH) Ropsten public Testnet, which allows for blockchain development testing before deployment on the Mainnet, is estimated...

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Charles Hoskinson says Bitcoin is too slow compared to...

Charles Hoskinson argued that Bitcoin is at a significant competitive disadvantage due to its slow speeds and it is going to be surpassed...

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