Terraform Labs is creating infrastructure to build DAOs on Terra 2.0

The Terra collapse triggered a $2 trillion crypto crash earlier this year.

Terraform Labs is creating infrastructure to build DAOs on Terra 2.0

Terra's Official Twitter account post, a newly created account, and a bio that reads "Building a new standard for DAO on Terra" 

A source close to the matter, granted anonymity to discuss private business matters Enterprise Protocol is intended as a new standard infrastructure to build DAOs on Terra. 

Terra's LUNA token and UST algorithmic Stablecoin erasing approx $30 billion from the Terra ecosystem, 

Behmoth Crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital a lead investor in LUNA was decimated A crypto credit crisis ensued sending digital asset lenders Celsius and Voyager Digital into bankruptcy. 

On May 28 Terra migrated to a new chain dubbed Terra 2.0 leaving the UST Stablecoin behind. 

Terra's CEO Do Kwon known to deride LUNA skeptics as poor has stayed mostly quiet this summer. in a rare tweet, he signaled his support for the developers creating the Terra 2.0 ecosystem Let's leave them alone to build. 

Terra also followed the Entropic labs on Twitter on Friday a decentralized and secure on-chain randomness source now deployed on Terra. 

The Enterprise Protocol launch will test whether Terra's builders can rescue the ecosystem's sullied reputation

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