The highest bid for Jack Dorsey’s first tweet NFT goes 99.6% lower than last purchase

Jack Dorsey’s first-ever tweet NFT was bought by the crypto entrepreneur for $2.9 million last year. Estavi was aiming to get the NFT sold at $50M or more, although the highest bid he has is 3.8 ETH, roughly $11,500.

The highest bid for Jack Dorsey’s first tweet NFT goes 99.6% lower than last purchase

Sina Estavi, the Malaysian entrepreneur and founder of the blockchain company Bridge Oracle, previously bought the NFT for 1630.6 ETH, equivalent to around $2.9M at that time through an auction. Estavi, who has compared the tweet to Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, put the NFT back on sale in March this year.

Estavi offered to donate 50% of the proceeds, which he estimated as $25 million or more, to US charity GiveDirectly.

While replying to Estavi, Jack Dorsey asked him why not donating 99% to the charity instead. In response to Dorsey, Estavi said he appreciated the idea, but he would like to use the money to help his blockchain projects and his people.

Despite Estavi’s claim that someone placed a bid of up to $10 million for the NFT, the highest bid on Opensea is only 3.8 ETH, slightly more than $11,500. Estavi admitted that the deadline he set for the auction had passed, but he may still sell the NFT anyways when a good offer arrives – or he may not even sell it at all.

Last year, Estavi was arrested in Iran on charges of “disrupting the economic system”, and has been caught in a series of scandals regarding Bridge Oracle and CryptoLand. Both projects collapsed last year, with investors waiting for Estavi to exchange their old tokens for new ones on the BNB Chain. The Bridge Oracle Token (BRG) previously ran on the Tron Network.

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