Time Magazine now accepting crypto payments for digital subscriptions

Crypto.com users can now buy Time Magazine’s 18-month subscriptions using cryptocurrencies including crypto.com’s native CRO.

Time Magazine now accepting crypto payments for digital subscriptions

The American news magazine, Time is now accepting one-time crypto payments for its 18-month digital subscription. As being partnered with Crypto.com for accepting the crypto payments, users who choose to pay with CRO will get up to 10% cashback on their purchase. Magazine’s digital subscription is priced at $49.

The checkout option to pay with crypto is available only in the United States and Canada right now, expected to be available globally by July 2021.

The president of Time Magazine, Keith Grossman described the partnership with Crypto.com represents further innovations that will allow the publication to build on its existing community of 2.3 million subscribers.

Time’s CTO, Bharat Krish said that the cryptocurrency-as-a-payment option is the “next phase in Time’s continued digital transformation and is the latest example of how Time is embracing new technologies in order to build innovative products and offerings for all members of our community.”

Crypto.com has been a top proponent of digital currency payments, offering users significant discounts while paying with its native CRO token. The company has also launched a suite of prepaid Visa cards that rewards users with cashback.

Time Magazine accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, provides yet another remarkable sign that crypto adoption is on the rise.