UFC announces $175-million sponsorship deal with Crypto.com

Ultimate Fighting Championship continues its deep dive into the crypto industry by announcing a sponsorship deal with one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

UFC announces $175-million sponsorship deal with Crypto.com

UFC announced that it agreed to a fight-kit partnership with Crypto.com, one of the largest crypto trading platforms by trading volumes.

According to the report by CNBC, the UFC and Crypto.com sponsorship is worth $175 million and will last over 10 years. 

As per the agreement, Crypto.com’s brand will appear on fight kit items worn by fighters during competition as well as clothing worn by the training staff. 

Crypto.com has acquired the rights to UFC’s newly launched sponsorship category known as Cryptocurrency Platform Partner

The co-founder and CEO of Crypto.com, Kris Marszalek called the UFC deal a historic moment, noting that it would help the sports industry accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency.

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