Visa Rolls out Multiple ‘Bitcoin Cashback’ Cards

The payments giant Visa has launched its first crypto cards in the Latin American region and will debut its new products in Brazil and Argentina via several new partner firms. 

Visa Rolls out Multiple ‘Bitcoin Cashback’ Cards

Per the media outlet Expansion, Visa has declared an alliance with different fintech companies and IT startups in Brazil and Argentina that will let "users make transactions" with Visa Cards and receive crypto cashback every time they spend

According to Visa, the company explained that the move includes recently launched cryptocurrency card programs and partnerships with fintech providers and crypto exchange startups in the region. 

The incentive follows hot on the heels of earlier, similar crypto-related activity in the region from Visa, the company teamed up with the Argentinian crypto exchange Lemon Cash to launch a Visa card that offers customers a 2% BTC cashback when they use the card to make each transaction.

Furthermore, Visa is rolling out the Lemon Cash prepaid card in Argentina its new partnership deals include an issuance agreement with Satoshi Tango Argentinian crypto trading platform. Visa-branded cards are also set to roll out in the nation. 

Brazil's offering will roll out in conjunction with the crypto-specializing banking outfit Alterbank and the neobank Zro Bank. 

Visa wants to join the cryptocurrency craze and was hoping to offer its partner companies security and scalability options 

Romina Seltzer is a Vice president of Products and innovation of Visa and the Caribbean was stating:

“The cryptocurrency ecosystem continues to gain momentum in this region with increased investment, more consumer adoption, and more crypto-enabled usage cases. We will continue to build on our strategy to develop the future of crypto and payments for our customers, clients, partners, and consumers.”

Visa is looking to develop card issuance projects in other American nations including Mexico, Colombia, and Peru. 

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