Warner Music Group will publish Polygon Music NFTs through LGND platform

Warner Music is a leading music label conglomerate platform enabling artists and labels to manage their rights in the Polygon blockchain.

Warner Music Group will publish Polygon Music NFTs through LGND platform

Warner Music Group is the latest on the block to use the LGND platform strategically. The music titan will be using the platform to award artists and producers with NFTs, too. This is one of the industry’s first to utilize blockchain technology and smart contract automation for real business purposes.

The giant firm maintains its streak of Web3 alliances by teaming with a Polygon-based music and collectibles platform. 

A multi-year collaboration between the major record label the Ethereum sidechain network and the Web3 music startup will allow artists signed to Warner Music Group labels to publish music NFTs through the forthcoming Polygon-based marketplace LGND Music Launching in January.

LGND Music is an online marketplace that will provide songs as NFTs as well as digital artifacts from performers which fans can purchase and listen to through the platform. 

LGND will have apps for desktop and mobile devices that allow you to interact with NFTs it will be like iTunes for Web3.

Apple's controversial 30% in-app purchase fee will apply to NFT buys made through LGND's IOS app, WMG's spinning records is a part of the agreement Spinnin Records is a key player in the electronic dance music industry releasing songs by David Guetta, Tiesto R3HAB and Rubin Shultz.

Electronic dance musicians have embraced crypto and Web3 technology and Warner's action merely reinforces this trend the prominent electronic artists deadmaus steve Aoki, 3LAU, and Dillon Francis are among those who have purchased or sold NFT and pushed for the technology.

LGND doesn't go to force the idea of self on its clients with self-users holding their assets in a decentralized wallet like MetaMask, self custody is a significant benefit of Web3 for several crypto fans it would let them keep their private keys to their assets and avoid centralized risk. self custody and crypto wallets can be complicated or even unnecessary for a mass market platform like LGND. 

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