YouTube CEO hints NFTs could be added to creator platform

YouTube CEO, Susan Wokcicki, stated YouTube's priorities for 2022 after publishing Tuesday on the company blog. Among those priorities is the possibility of adding a nonfungible token, features for the platform's video creators.

YouTube CEO hints NFTs could be added to creator platform

Susan Wojcicki announced YouTube's intent to "help creators capitalize on emerging technologies."

Also, details were provided Wojcicki statement aside from the claim that the YouTube team use developments in the Web3 space" as a source of inspiration."

“The past year in the world of crypto, nonfungible tokens (NFTs), and even decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) has highlighted a previously unimaginable opportunity to grow the connection between creators and their fans.”

YouTube expands the number of ways that creators can earn money, one option is to "capitalize on emerging technologies." presently, Wokcicki expressed there are 10 ways for creators to monetize their business, and the newly introduced TikTok like YouTube Shorts. could NFTs be next?

According to similar WEweb YouTube is one of the largest creator communities and is the second most visited site in the world. The Metaverse and Web3 initiatives by social media platforms like Meta and Twitter, which recently allow IOS users and NFTs as their profile pictures. YouTube looks to complete to retain and attract talent.

Wojcicki intention is to improve the live experience of gaming creators as a priority. NFT integration in video games has become the main use case for the adoption of NFTs, this could suggest that gaming creators may be more open to capitalizing on YouTube's new initiative. 

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